Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ISTA on the Job: Voucher Lawsuit Update

December 19, 2011

Marion County Judge Hears Oral Arguments on school voucher lawsuit today

INDIANAPOLIS -- Marion County Judge Michael Keele today heard oral arguments for summary judgment, as well as motions to dismiss filed earlier by defendants, in the case against Indiana's new school voucher program, the Choice Scholarship Program, brought against the state by 12 defendants supported by ISTA and NEA.

Supporters of the lawsuit against the state's unconstitutional school voucher program hope that Judge Keele will rule on the pending motions promptly after today's hearing. When Judge Keele issues his final judgment, the case will then proceed to either the Court of Appeals or the Indiana Supreme Court.

"The issue here is simple," said Teresa Meredith, ISTA Vice President and a plaintiff in the lawsuit. "Indiana's Constitution prohibits the use of public funds to pay for teaching religion, and the vast number of schools receiving these voucher dollars are private, religious schools that teach religion as an important part of their educational programs."

ISTA and NEA continue to reaffirm their determination to continue to litigate the constitutionality of the Choice Scholarship Program.

ISTA strongly believes in the merits of the plaintiffs’ claims and hopes to get a final decision on those merits as quickly as possible.

Friday, December 16, 2011

December Newsletter

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In this issue: 
  • Aging FWCS Buildings
  • State Intervention Comparisons: How does FWCS compare to other districts around the state?
  • Teachers Using Social Media: Review FWCS Policy
  • What do you get for your Union Dues?  
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  • Voucher Numbers from around the state 
  • FWEA Membership numbers
  • Information on Teacher Awards
  • Important Dates