About Us

Fort Wayne Educators Association (FWEA) is proud to serve the professional educators in the Fort Wayne Community Schools Corporation in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

FWEA is an affiliate of the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education Association.

Contact Information:

FWEA/ISTA office
3711 Rupp Drive, Suite 207
Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Phone - 800-382-4037
Fax 800-434-1138

FWEA President – Sandra Vohs
Email: sandrafwea@gmail.com
Office Phone: 800-382-4037 extension 3740

ISTA UniServ Director – Steve Brace
Email: sbrace@ista-in.org
Phone: 800-382-4037 extension 3738

UniServ Assistant – Danielle Kraft
Email: dkraft@ista-in.org
Phone: 800-382-4037 extension 3735