Saturday, May 12, 2012

ISTA on the Job: Here is another chance to be heard

May 11, 2012

Indiana teachers, here’s another chance to be heard.

We want to hear your collective voice as
Indiana’s public school teachers.

WTHR-TV - Channel 13 (NBC, Indianapolis) is asking teachers around the state what they think about issues facing educators in Indiana. So much has been said about education and educators - this is another chance for ISTA members to voice their opinions - anonymously.

ISTA has kindly agreed to help WTHR by distributing this survey to its members. Thanks for your participation in telling this important education story.

And this is a topic that nobody likes to talk about: cheating in school. WTHR Channel 13 has recently received several tips suggesting that pressure to perform has resulted in cheating involving standardized tests by students and even by a few teachers. They would like to find out if these reports reflect isolated incidents or a more widespread problem in Indiana's schools because of the current testing culture. Thank you for taking this 16-question survey.

Survey deadline is Friday, May 18, 2012.

Even though WTHR Channel 13 has guaranteed that the identity of all respondents will remain anonymous, ISTA reminds members who choose to complete this survey NOT to reveal any information in their responses that would indicate name, school, school corporation or even community. And participating in this survey is completely OPTIONAL!

Here’s the link to the survey:

Again, WTHR Channel 13 won’t know who you are. But if you WANT to be part of their education stories, there is a spot at the end of the survey to leave your contact information – or a story idea.
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