Friday, March 18, 2011

FWEA Constitution and Bylaws Ammendments

FWEA MEMBERS: Please note per the FWEA Bylaws in order for a change in the Bylaws the FWEA membership must be notified at least two weeks prior to voting. Below are the motions and changes approved by your FWEA Executive Board last Monday, 3/14/11 at the FWEA Executive Board meeting.

Motions to amend FWEA Constitution and By Laws

Article 2, Dues, Section 3, 6th line, page 15 -- after office insert the words (, or an email to the FWEAPresident,) Motion by Matt Mertes, second by Marlena Mulligan. Approved unanimously by FWEA Executive Board

Rationale: When members want to drop their membership they contact the FWEA President via letter and email. The wording "or an email to the FWEA President" was added to cover emails sent to the president.

Article 4, Duties of Officers, Section 7, Treasurer, page 21, F -- Rewrite the sentence: Shall submit
financial records for an audit or review annually, and Motion by John Eastes, second by Pat Pruitt Approved unanimously by FWEA Executive Board

Rationale: To help tighten the belt on the FWEA budget the By Law was amended to allow for "an audit or an review annually". An annual review is much cheaper than an annual audit.

Ballots will be sent out to vote on these changes in the next 4 weeks.

Al Jacquay II
President -Fort Wayne Education Association (FWEA)

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