Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Officers Elected for 2011-2013 FWEA Executive Board
Al Jacquay II -President
Matt Mertes - 1st VP
Terrie Taulbee- 2nd VP
Pat Pruitt - 3rd VP
Kim Hunter - Secretary
John Eastes - Treasurer
Julie Hyndman - Negotiations Liaison
Jennifer McDunnough - Elementary Rep
Carissa Richardson - Middle School Rep
Renee Albright - High School Rep
Marlena Mulligan- Special Education Rep

Carolyn Yates - Parliamentarian (appointed position)

Judith Abram-Odigboh - ISTA Minority Affairs State Committee - 2011-2013
Donna Craig - ISTA Governance Committee - 2011-2013
Carolyn Yates - ISTA Board of Directors Minority at Large - 2011-2014

Congratulations to all elected FWEA and ISTA officers.

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