Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Rate Assessments

As more assessments continue to be developed, the National Education Association's Center for Great Public Schools wants to offer you an opportunity to raise your hand and share your feedback on the critical issue of assessment.

A group of teachers created the Assessment Advisor website, which allows educators to rate the assessment tests that they're required to administer to their students. We're inviting you to take a few minutes to visit the website and rate how you are required to assess your students. Also, we encourage you to pass this message along to your fellow educators. Your voice and the voices of your colleagues matter.

As an educator, you are deeply committed to the success of your students. Those who argue that educators are against all tests overlook the fact that educators invented tests. When it comes to developing assessments, your expertise and experience should be part of the decision-making process, but all too often it is not. It's time to change that reality. We look forward to your contributions to the Assessment Advisor.

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